Step 1- Exterminating the rodents

  • Identify what type of rodents you have. The most common rodents are mice, roof rats and norway rats.
  • On the first visit to your property we would identify what kind rodent we are dealing with.
  • We will set up snap traps, glue traps and bait.
  • We would set up anywhere from 15 to 25 traps in you basement, sub-basement, garage, kitchen and anywhere else we see evidence of rodents.
  • We would come back out a week later to inspect all the material, remove any dead rodents we find and to place out more material. This would continue until step 4 has been completed. The timeline could be 4 to 6 months depending on the severity of the infestation.

Step 2- Rodent proofing inspection & IPM (at an additional charge)

  • We would do an exterior rodent proofing inspection.
  • This includes taking photos of all entry points.
  • We would make IPM recommendations on the report as well.
  • Common IPM recommendations would be:
    Trim trees and bushes away from the home.
    Place the composting bin in the far side of your backyard, away from the home.
    Stop feeding the birds.
    Feed the dog in the home so the rodents can not smell the spilled dog food.
    Remove fruits that fall on the floor.
    These are just a few examples of IPM.
    (Integrated Pest Management)
  • We would not seal your home until we are sure there are no more rodents in the home or business.
  • Sealing rodents in the home would cause the rodents to panic. They may begin to gnaw at doors and other areas trying to escape.

Step 3- Rodent Proofing (at an additional charge)

After we have eliminated the existing rodent infestation, then it would be the time to rodent proof. This is when we seal off all entry points on the exterior of your home. Rodent proofing service comes with a 1 year Guarantee on all the workmanship

Step 4 The final step (at an additional charge)

The final step in dealing with rodents is to clean up and disinfect all the rodent droppings that the rodents left behind. This service is called rodent dropping cleanup. Dropping are generally not good to have around. Their droppings carry bacteria and other pathogens. Click on this link to see what they can transmit.