How do I know if I have bed bugs?

Bed bug bites causes swelling and itching. Most of the time there are multiple bites in one area. Some people have no reaction to bed bug bites. You may be able to see small blood spots on your sheets and sleepwear. If you are able to catch the bed bug or take a photo of it you can send it to us to be identified here.

Bed bug ( Chinche ) preparation instructions

Bed Bug Info

Bed bugs ( Chinche ) are tiny insects that feed on the blood of humans, pets, birds and other animals. Bed bugs are parasites. Adult bed bugs are ¼” long (one fourth of an inch). They have no wings and do not fly. Their bodies are flat before eating (blood meal) and round afterwards. The newly born bed bugs are called “nymphs” and their tiny, white bodies are almost too small to see.

How do you get bed bugs

Bedbugs get carried from place to place when people expose themselves or their belongings such as: luggage, clothing, furniture, or bedding, in areas that are infested with bed bugs. Bed bugs also can come from collecting items left on the street or used items of unknown origins, such as used furniture or second hand clothes. You can get bed bugs from anywhere the general public is for example movie theaters, Bart, Hotels, motels, airbnb locations, libraries, etc.

How do we get rid of bed bugs

The way we eliminate bed bugs is by treating it with a liquid chemical treatment. We feel this is the best method in eliminating bed bugs because of the product residual. The residual keeps on killing bed bugs for up to 30 days. This is how we are able to eliminate bed bugs once and for all. We would do a total of 7 treatments. The first 3 treatments are 2 weeks apart from each other, then we would do 4 more treatments/inspections once a month for 4 months. By the 2nd and 3rd visit you will notice a sharp decline in the bed bug population. We will continue to treat and monitor for 4 more months.

Chemical extermination vs Heat treatments

In researching heat treatments we found that it is a very expensive way to treat for bedbugs. There are many risks involved. The most extreme risk would be burning your house down. This has happened in the past, click here to read the news article. Other thing to think about is the electronics in your room can possiblay get damaged. If you own a computer you know heat is their worst enemy. So you have to take things out of the room to avoid it from getting damaged and once you do this your are possibly taking out a few bedbugs and their eggs. In the end the company doing the heat treatment will probably recommend a chemical treatment in order to kill any bedbugs that the heat did not reach. This is why Alert Pest does not recommend doing the heat treatment. Chemical treatments work. Companies like Bayer and BASF spend millions of dollars researching products that kill bedbugs. These products have been approved by the California EPA. These products work.