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These photos are taken by the technicians while out on the field. *VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED*

#Univar #ProTraining #SanJose
We are installing a screen along the side of a solar panel because pigeons are nesting and pooping on the solar panels. The material we use is made especially for solar panels. Call us for a free estimate.
Congratulations to Art. Our service technician of the year. #2017 #hardworker #muchAppreciated #AboveandBeyond #technicianoftheyear
When a rat really likes the bait we put inside. He will stop at nothing to get it.
Much love to our Alert team. Snack bar is all stocked. #healthyChoices
A service technician wearing a wasp suit to protect him from getting stung. He is holding a duster to exterminate the nest.
Merry Christmas. Make sure not to leave doors open for long periods of time cause mice and rats are coming in from the cold.
Sometimes you need to be creative. Traps don't always go on floors.
This raccoon tore up my clients garden after he spent more than $35,000 on his landscaping. This raccoon did so much damage #success #hardtocatch #wefinallycaughtyou #AthertonCA
#Christmasinthepark These mice are cute, not the ones in your kitchen. Call us to eliminate your mouse problem.
It's a trapping kind of day. It's still raccoon season.
Certified installers #birdsbegone
It's official. We eliminate birds.
Our snack bar is always stocked up for our staff. #Alertteam #Alwaystocked
Congratulations to Rodrigo on his 5 year anniversary with Alert Pest Control. We appreciate your hard work and all that you do for us. Thank you.
We removed 5 baby Raccoons from a client's attic. It's the season. If you hear noises in your attic it could be #Raccoons #babys #itstheseason
Rats gnawing at a recycling bin trying to get inside. #rats #inthecity #SanFrancisco
Nice and Clean. It always feels good to get into a clean truck.
It's the little things. #BirthdayoffWithPay #HappyBirthdayRich
#Trapping #itstheseason