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These photos are taken by the technicians while out on the field. *VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED*

Certified installers #birdsbegone
It's official. We eliminate birds.
Our snack bar is always stocked up for our staff. #Alertteam #Alwaystocked
Congratulations to Rodrigo on his 5 year anniversary with Alert Pest Control. We appreciate your hard work and all that you do for us. Thank you.
We removed 5 baby Raccoons from a client's attic. It's the season. If you hear noises in your attic it could be #Raccoons #babys #itstheseason
Rats gnawing at a recycling bin trying to get inside. #rats #inthecity #SanFrancisco
Nice and Clean. It always feels good to get into a clean truck.
It's the little things. #BirthdayoffWithPay #HappyBirthdayRich
#Trapping #itstheseason
Can you see the footprints?
Don't try to do it yourself #homeowner #comendable #fail
It's that time of the year! #RaccoonSeason #licensedTrappers Call us if you hear noises in your attic or crawl space.
Healthy choices #workgoodies
Morning meeting goodies
Respiratory check. #saftyfirst #PPE
We help keep the #sfoairport pest free. We use IPM methods in order to minimize and eliminate chemical use. #cleanerenvironment for our future. #ecowiseCertified #ACE
Glue trap caught a mouse then the snap trap caught the glue trap. #deadmouse
This is a pretty large rat , his body is almost as long as a snaptrap
The top photo is a fly unit installed at a restaurant to catch fruit flies. The two bottom photos are the glue monitors that have been removed and replaced from the flying unit. Although the best way to eliminate a fruit fly problem is to locate and eliminate the source.
Happy veterans day to the owner and founder of Alert Pest Control, John Jaurigui and to all who served our country.Thank You.